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The future of NYC public schools is a battleground for
the 2013 mayoral election. Is anyone paying attention to what actually works in schools?

In recent years, public education has become a flashpoint of civic debate in New York City and nationally. Battles about standardized testing, charter schools, school closings and the role of teachers’ unions have dominated the policy arena and the media. But unfortunately, the extensive body of research documenting successful educational strategies in this country and internationally is often invisible.

The A+ NYC Policy Hub seeks to contribute authoritative educational research to the public debate about schooling policy in the 2013 mayoral election. By making educational research accessible to elected officials, media, and the public, A+ NYC seeks to ground the public conversation about education in evidence about what works in the nation’s schools.

Click on the titles below to view and download fact sheets that summarize education research and best practices in each topic area.

Questions? Contact Megan Hester, Megan_Hester@brown.edu

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